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Middle East

From the early days of human civilization, this region has always been a captivating mix of stunning architecture, beautifully preserved ancient sites, unique culture and spiritual energy. The warmth and openness of the people, coupled with tasty local cuisine, makes any trip to this region an unforgettable and even life-changing event.

Whether you enjoy breakfast listening to the mesmerising call to prayer, in the shadow of a local mosque, or engaging in some friendly barter for a beautiful piece of work from a local artisan, your days will be filled with exhilarating experiences. You could be sitting with nomads under a desert night sky or marveling at two thousand year old carvings in an ancient archaeological site.

Immerse yourself in the charm of this region and go on an adventure to remember with Imaginative Traveller.

Middle East Highlights
Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Wadi Rum
Wahiba Sands
Grand Bazaar

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