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Polar Adventures

Sail to the extremes of the earth and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves. Experience the rush of setting foot on some of the world's most remote terrain, witness brilliant natural phenomena and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions with Imaginative Traveller.

Travel in comfort

Journey to regions once reserved for groundbreaking adventurers from the comfort of your luxury polar expedition vessel with Imaginative Traveller. Take advantage of on-board wellness facilities, relax with a drink in spacious lounges and bar areas, and watch the world pass by from the observation deck.

Next-level wildlife viewing

Set off on a wildlife-viewing expedition in small, inflatable crafts and enjoy unequalled encounters with wildlife such as penguins, seals, walruses, Arctic foxes, petrels, albatross, cormorants, polar bears, and various species of whales.

Expert Guides

Enjoy the guidance of an expert leader, full expedition crew, and onboard naturalists, and rest assured of a fascinating insight into these incredible destinations.

Responsible Travel

The world’s an amazing place and we want to do our bit to keep it that way. That’s why we choose to travel responsibly, giving back to the communities we visit and helping to create a sustainable world for our children.

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