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Active Adventures with Imaginative Traveller

Get your blood pumping with Imaginative Traveller's range of active adventures. Whether you’re hopping between islands by sea kayak in beautiful Borneo, canyoning in Slovenia, or snorkelling with sea turtles on the Galapagos Islands, our activity holidays are a great way to get away and experience new cultures and to keep fit while you’re at it. Whether you’re zip-lining over the canopies in Costa Rica, trekking barefoot among sand dunes and water lagoons in Brazil, or riding through the mountains of Mongolia on horseback, our active adventures give you a different perspective on the places you’re visiting. Look out for our Hike, Bike & Kayak trips if you can’t decide between a Walking or a Cycling holiday? Then don’t! Many of our active adventures combine a range of activities to give you a different challenge every day. Our expert and passionate local guides will show you around, give you lots of tips, and provide a true insight into the local way of life.

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